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Everything you need to know

What exactly is this?

Spoil Me Pretty is a business that provides spa services for children in the comfort of a luxury party bus. The services include manicures,  facials, fun hairstyles and more. The business operates as a mobile service, meaning it travels to the client's location for the appointment.
*Note: We do not have a physical location.


How much does it cost?

We have 3 different packages to choose from. Please visit our "Book Online" section.

*Note: The price does not go down if you have less than 8 guests. The price only changes if you have more than 8 guests.

*Note: All of our parties are subject to a travel fee.


What is the maximum number of kids that can fit on the bus?

The bus can hold no more than 15 guests at a time.


Can I just bring my child in for a manicure?

Unfortunately no. We are not a physical location. The only option that we have is the party bus (for parties only). We come to your chosen location. Consider us for your next event of 7 or more guests.


What age group does spa bus service?

Our parties are for children from ages 4-16.


What areas does Spoil Me Pretty Party Bus service?

We service Brooklyn, NY, and surrounding boroughs. 


Where are Spoil Me Pretty Party Bus Parties held?

Our parties are held on our luxurious spa bus parked outside your home or party venue. The party host is responsible for providing adequate parking for the bus.


How long is a Spoil Me Pretty Party Bus Party?

Our parties are 1.5 hours to 2 hours long depending on your selected package.


Do you drive the kids around? 

No. The Party Bus stays parked for the entire duration of the party. *We  offer private transportation services (pickup or drop-off) as a separate service. Contact us directly for more information.


Can I bring food, cake, or cupcakes on the bus?

No. There's no food or drinks allowed on the bus. 


Can I decorate the bus?

With balloons only. Nothing can be attached to the walls.

Can I book a party for less than 7 kids?

Yes, you can book a party for less than 7 kids, but the party packages will remain at the same price.


Can I switch out or change services within the party package?

No, unfortunately not. Should you choose to commit to a party package, please be aware that the package price will remain the same.


What should I have my party guests do to prepare for my Spoil Me Pretty Bus party?

The guests should come with clean nails (without nail polish) to help maximize the party time. *Guests with open wounds will NOT be serviced.


Can parents stay on the Party Bus during the party?

We will always allow at least one adult (usually the party host) to stay on the bus during the party as a chaperone, if desired. Additional adults can pop-in for photos , however, space is limited.

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